Human Capital

International Benefits and Human Resources

Competing globally has never been more important. Multinational companies – both large and small – need to expand their global reach quickly and efficiently. For guidance, they seek the advice and information that only CLCIC can provide. Why CLCIC Advisors?

At CLCIC, you won't find layers of bureaucracy where the first voice you hear is an synthesized voice mail system. You will find an international company of people committed to bringing together their creative talents and collaborative spirit.

We answer your calls immediately and respond to your needs faster than you could ever imagine. Every member of our staff and every product in our suite of international human resources services is geared not only toward providing solutions, but saving you money and increasing productivity.

We are an international human resources consulting company where everyone's ideas are important, and our clients are our most valuable assets.

Every employment lifecycle ends by retirement, termination, disability, or death of the employee. At CLCIC, we assist employers in preparing for this process and managing it when it occurs.

CLCIC provides professional HR research to companies that need reliable answers quickly. CLCIC Assist will provide answers to your global HR questions within 48 hours.

CLCIC specializes in comprehensive international human resources management, providing high quality information, advice, and solutions to meet the demands of your global organization.